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Are Travel Agents Extinct?

February 16, 2013

Travel Agents are not Dinosaurs…

Are Travel Agents Dinosaurs? I was presented with that question the other day at a networking group.  I guess with the internet available to most of the world it would seem that a Travel Agent had gone the way of the dinosaur.   Not so!!  We are alive and well.  In fact more than ever people are turning to a Travel Professional to help them sort through their “information overload”.  How do you know you have the BEST deal, the RIGHT supplier, the PERFECT location and whether or not you are missing any “specials” not available to the general public.  Is your stateroom on that cruise line above/below the dance floor or casino?  What’s the difference between the many cruise lines out there?  Is “all inclusive” the same on every ship/resort?  Which ones really include everything – wines, premium spirits, soft drinks, bottled water, shore excursions, specialty restaurants, and gratuities?
A qualified Travel Professional can answer those questions and more.  The more your Travel Professional understands about you and your priorities the better they can work with you to help you realize that vision you have in your mind.
If you are thinking about traveling, now is the time.  If you have always wanted to experience those “extra touches” you didn’t think you could afford, go for it.  Suppliers are responding to the “crunch” with outstanding pricing and value-added specials.  This turns out to really be the PERFECT time to travel!